Pure & Applied student based in Montreal. Currently heading for Udem in Industrial Design.


Im Jonah Patenaude. Im someone who partakes in technical and analytical drawing. This involves mostly  industrial design. I crave the aesthetic and durability that comes from good design in everyday products. In the meantime, I also run a few projects that are in similar fields.



From the vast board of collections, here are some of my projects that define a bit of my capabilities. For more inquires or to simply discuss projects, please contact me through the listed platforms above.



Project 02


Project 03


Project 04


Project 05


Project 06


Project 01

Project 07


I’ve held a variety of professional positions in retail, landscaping and art fields. This includes but is not limited to Specialist at Apple, Urban landscaper and horticulturist student for the city of Candiac and Barista at Starbucks coffee. In addition, I've participated in the regional sciences fair and won awards for the conception  of a bionic arm. 

Nevertheless, I also designed under contract the sports team logo for a private High school in the heart of Westmount. 


Born in 2002 from a French speaking family in Quebec,  I have descendants from France and Scotland. Today, most of which reside today in Quebec and the States. For more about what I represent, contact me.